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Your pets have personality and you laugh every time
you remember the funny things they have done.
Keep those memories as close as your pocket
with a MemoryDisc that you can share!

A MemoryDisc is a mini disc that fits in your pocket! Unlike a website photo album, a MemoryDisc can be kept for a lifetime. Simply place in the CD tray of your computer and the program will automatically start, with beautiful music and up to a dozen pictures of your wonderful pet. Each MemoryDisc comes with a color label with a picture of your pet and the date. If your pet has passed on, the label will list thier date of birth and the date they died. MemoryDiscs are as sturdy as music CDs and will last forever. Portable and totally self-contained, they can be viewed in computers without internet access. No computer immediately available? All of the information is written on the label, just like a regular card. After ordering your MemoryDisc, simply email your favorite pictures and a stunning birth notice will be created for you within 48 hours.


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MemoryDisc Pet
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$34.97 9 CDs

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